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Stress Management Workshops

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. When we do not have the means to manage stress, or if we experience it over a prolonged period of time, it might have lasting physical, mental and emotional effects. These influence our health, well-being and ability to enjoy life, and can impact our productivity, efficiency and creativity.

The 1 and 2-day workshops combine theory and practical exercises that are quick and easy to use in every day life, whether at home or in the workplace. The workshops are designed for individuals who would like to reduce their personal stress level. They are also suitable for companies and groups that wish to better manage stress in their work environment and increase productivity.

Reducing Personal Stress

In this 1-day workshop, you will use questionnaires to focus on a specific situation in your life that you experience as stressful and the way you normally manage with it. Through a variety of exercises, you will be able to actively reduce the level of effort and tension with which you meet and cope with stress, in that particular situation and in general. What you practice in the workshop can be applied to any other stressful circumstances..

Improving Performance Under Stress

This 2-day workshop will not only relate to your general reaction to stress but will address your performance in situations where stress is an ever-present element. The aim is to be able to use this stress as a source of energy for creativity, efficiency and productivity, rather than letting it hinder your performance.
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