Grinberg Method


Learning to be well
An approach to life

Welcome.    The Grinberg Method teaches people to make life changes. It offers an approach and skills that are learned through the body. When applied they lead to achieving the impact you wish for in your life—from realizing your goals and wishes to improving your overall health and well-being and living a more rewarding life.

Some elements we meet in life

> Fear
> Repetitions of the past
> Pain
> Routines that take the color out of life
> Challenges to our will
The Grinberg Method introduces a new approach to these elements and others.

Options of the Grinberg Method

For your personal experience, the
Grinberg Method offers One-on-one and Group processes, as well as group activities such as Classes and Workshops.
If you are seeking a challenging profession—one that would ask you to go beyond your limits as you study and work—learn about being a practitioner of the Grinberg Method.
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