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Each of the following booklets introduces a different aspect of the Grinberg Method, from an in-depth look at a principal subject of it, to detailed background and information about a particular learning option. Each booklet intends to answer the more frequently asked questions, as well as provide a broad perspective.

Transforming Pain

This booklet describes an approach that allows the use of one's will and attention to transform the experience of pain and reduce the suffering that is so often associated with it.

PDF Transforming pain

The approach can be practiced with the Grinberg Method's interactive video of Transforming Pain.

Transforming Pain -- Training by the Grinberg Method
This video is a general lesson in transforming pain that you can practice on your own…

Student Handbook - The Grinberg Method's professional studies

This booklet aims to clarify how the profession of a Grinberg Method practitioner is taught, what is involved in learning it and some of the key concepts behind the Grinberg Method.

PDF Student handbook

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